About Kartner-M

Kartner-M is a privately held company based in Skopje, founded in 2014. The main business of the company is production of high quality pressure sensitive labels with high quality finishing. Made up of a young and aspiring group of people dedicated to professional and efficient working, Kartner-M has established itself as one of the leading companies in the printing industry in Macedonia. Always following the latest trends in the printing industry, Kartner-M is the only company in Macedonia that offers fully digital label printing in reels. Complementary to the digital printing, the company offers high quality label finishing as well. Labels can be finished with hot foil stamping, varnish, embossing, and die cutting. The company is equipped with the latest machines and tools from the renowned and industry leading manufacturers, HP Indigo and SMAG Graphique. The company owns a UV flexo, digital press, inline finishing machine, and additional supporting finishing machines to make sure all the requirements are met. The constant investment in new machinery and specialized workers is leading Kartner-M to new milestones every day.

Why Choose Us?

We possess the latest equipment and have professional employees specialized in producing high quality labels. All the machines, instruments, and materials are from the world’s leading producers which ensure the highest quality possible.

With a 7 day order fulfillment and immense flexibility in the production, our clients know they can always rely on us to receive their orders on time and according to their requirements.

Professionalism is a core value at our company and we strive to follow it regardless of the circumstances. All our work and communication is held at the highest standard.